Easy Tips to Reduce Back Pain From Sitting Too Much

Easy Tips to Reduce Back Pain From Sitting Too Much

Back Pain at Work

The downside with back pain is that once it starts, it will take several days to clear up and it can be really hard to tough it out. The pain seems to go on and can range from a dull and sometimes almost unbearable pain. This can make your time at work and home difficult. In this article, we are going to show you easy tips to follow.


Most of them will suffer from back pain to find that sitting at a desk. If you are using a PC for long periods at work then you can trigger discomfort or pain. You can find that standing for long periods or problems. Some people will have specific incidents that will form a clear starting point for a period of back problems.

The back pain is actually a result of how their body will have to adapt to extended periods sitting and standing. If you spend a large amount of time sitting then your body has to adapt itself to that position. The first thing your back will have to do is adapt to how your weight will be supported by your hips. The muscle imbalances will place both your spine and pelvis into abnormal positions that will be harmful to someone with a healthy back who suffering from back pain.

How to prevent the pain

1. Sitting at a desk

The extended periods of desk work with no variety. There will be back problems and pain is often the result of routine things you do in daily life. The first step to correct your posture at your desk. There will be good practice to make it a habit to get up and walk around 20 to 30 minutes.

There will be another good habit is to work your body in some way for every 10 minutes. You can stand up if the phone rings. These routine tasks will trigger to remind you to move. You are sitting remember to move your legs and move them into different positions like stretched out in front, at the side and sometimes bent. Just remember to keep your legs moving. Then you can try is to change your posture.

2. Standing at work

Jobs will require you to stand all day long. You have to make sure that you have supportive footwear. These are used to provide a softer feel in the shoe and that will provide an extra layer between you and the ground. You can experience knee pain along the outside of your leg. You want a softer more supportive feel in your shoe.

3.  Stress and back pain

Stress will cause your muscles to tense up and this makes you more prone to injury. There is a range of practices to minimize stress like laughing, exercise and dancing and so on. One of the key things to remember is that everything counts when it comes to looking after your back.