Dyson DC65 Animal Vacuum Review

Dyson DC65 Animal Vacuum Review

Dyson DC65 Animal

So, have you decided to buy an upright vacuum cleaner for your home? Looking for the best option? Then, exactly the vacuum with 7 Tools is really made for you people to get cleaned floors. This vacuum cleaner contains 7 tools to perform the various cleaning process, so based on the place and purposes of clean, you can choose tools.

Detailed review

Prior to paying for this vacuum, it is best to know the features of this vacuum, so here is a list of features of this product.

1. 7 Extra tools

The vacuum  is made with 7 tools such as animal upright vacuum, combination tool, stair tool, Flexi-crevice tool, carbon fiber soft dust brush, mattress tool, tangle-free turbine, and hard floor tool. So, you can able to clean any type of floors even with hard-to-reach place.

2. Technology

The technology used in this vacuum cleaner is Radial root cyclone technology to capture dirt and microscopic dust, thus you will get through cleaning.

3. HEPA filtration system

In addition to that, it also uses HEPA filtration system to make a deep clean to remove allergens from the floors.

4. Head seals

There is a self-adjusting cleaner head seals attached in the suction to remove debris and hairs in the carpets and hard floors.

5. Warranty

The vacuum is packed with 5 years manufacturer warranty and it ensures the better performance.

User Reviews

Sierra Bob – While some competitors claim to be better, comparing this machine to those owned by others makes it clear that the Dyson not only has good initial suction, but it maintains its vacuum prowess even when the tank has accumulated significant dirt. It is easy to use, including cleaning and emptying the machine. We particularly appreciate the washable filters, both because they are environmentally friendly, and because they appear to be more effective than paper bags and filters used in other machines. The build quality and advanced technology of the design were evident from the moment we opened the box. While not the lightest vacuum out there, it pushes and maneuvers with ease. With the addition of the optional toolkit, cleaning the house from floors to fans is now easier and faster than ever. Strongly recommended.

Laura G. – After two boys, for cats and ten years, we finally decided to replace our old, cheap vacuum. I searched several reviews and couldn’t find any that agreed on which was the best vacuum. I finally noticed that most compared the vacuums to the Dyson models. So, we decided to try this model. The Dyson did not disappoint! We’ve owned it for six months and it still performs well. We have two kids and four cats in a large house. My favorite things are how easy it goes from hardwood, to tile to rugs, with no manual adjustment. I also like the cord length- I can plug it into the foyer and reach most of the house. I also like how easily I can clean the stairs. (Just like in pictures, you can stretch the hose up a flight of stairs.) I washed the filter two months ago and that was also simple. Instructions are posted near the filter on the vacuum. The best thing though, is how well it cleans the floors. I am continually amazed at how much dirt it picks up. Great buy, you won’t be disappointed!

Nathan Palafax – This Dyson is just amazing. I bought it to replace an older dc07 that was 13 years old, and I am just in love with this cleaner! I have a lot of travertine tile flooring, with two large short pile area rugs, and very plush high pile carpeting in the bedrooms. This vacuum handles each flooring type PERFECTLY! It cleanest the tile extremely well I never feel anything on the floor after vacuuming. On the carpet it does a great job of grooming the carpet nap, I still can’t believe how much sand and dirt it gets! Another thing I love about this vacuum is how comfortable the handle is and how easy it is to move, I could just vacuum for hours! You can’t go wrong with this Dyson!

Final words

If you’re ready to spend more money on a vacuum cleaner, but the quality of cleaning is necessary, then Dyson DC65 Animal + Allergy Upright Vacuum is the best choice for you. You can get it here.