Delton Over-the-Head: Awesome Headset at An Unbeatable Price

Delton Over-the-Head: Awesome Headset at An Unbeatable Price

Delton Over-the-Head

Headsets are becoming a part of the car driver’s life. In order to talk to their officials, they need to buy a wonderful headset. Today, I’m going to introduce the most wonderful headset “Delton Over-the-Head” from the trustable brand.

Detailed Review

This is such a wonderful headset which is perfect for the lorry and car drivers.

1. Battery life

The battery life of this headset is also quite awesome. It offers long lasting battery life and you can talk up to 13 hours and the standby time of this headset is 220 hours.

2. Support

If you like to connect this headset to two different devices at once, then you can easily do it. This is because it offers the multipoint support.

3. Good quality sound

This awesome headset is designed with 4X noise canceling technology which in turn it gives crystal clear sound even in the noisy environments too.

4. Lightweight design

It features a lightweight design so it fits comfortably in your ear. It is also featured with the touch button which is perfect for answering and ending calls. Moreover, this touch button is ideal for redial, volume control and voice dialing.

5. Warranty

This headset comes with the 45-days money back guarantee and also 12-month worry-free guarantee. So, you need not worry about thinking your money.

6. Pros

  • Great headphone for the price.
  • It offers good quality sound.
  • This is best for the money.
  • The color is also nice.

User Reviews

The overall rating for this Delton Over-the-Head is 3.6 out of 5 stars.

Karen – I find the traditional blue tooth and wired hands-free headsets that go in the ear very uncomfortable in a relatively short amount of time. This one is lightweight but still secure when looking around to assess traffic conditions, versatile for either ear and adjusts for a smaller woman to a much larger man. The sound is clear both in and out with easy volume control. There is a mute function, which I love! I am using it with a Galaxy S3 and so far all voice commands work well too, voice dialing and texting with S Voice. Pairing it initially was fairly easy and straightforward.

Nancy E. – Yippeee. I am so thankful that I read the reviews; everyone that noted the excellent performance of this headset was straight on. This is the first headset that works for me. I can hear every sound with no distortion. I’m not struggling with earbuds that do not stay inside my small ear canals. I am happy and hands-free in my car and while working via SKYPE calls and so forth. This headset is exactly what I wanted, and having bought and returned more headsets that I care to mention, well, this one is home for good.

Fred – The best headset I’ve ever owned. I bought 2. You charge them 8 hours as per instructions. I use mine continuously approximately 6 hours a night as a dispatcher. The charge lasts about 2 weeks, that includes weekends on call, which lasts 48 hours. On weekends I never turn it off. At night it’s right beside my bed while my phone is on charge. When it finally loses its charge, I put it on charge for 8 hours and turn on my other one. The people I dispatch heard me talk about them and some bought one too. The secret is let the charge run completely down and recharge for 8 hours. You’ll like the noise suppression too. I have one problem with it, I like wearing hats, so I have worn it around my neck until I get a call then take the hat off. Great for truckers, with the new law of one button touch while driving. Voice dialing is handy. Keep it between the ditches and have a safe day.


If you’ve decided to buy this wonderful headset, then you’ve made a nice decision. Buy it and enjoy speaking with your loved ones.